Living creatures you can buy from Amazon

Live from Uncle Jim's Worm Farm, these earthworms are just $29.95 for 2lb. And that's only the beginning: there are crickets sold by the thousand, highly expensive snails, delicious gutloaded mealworms, cockroaches and shrimp. (I like the way the word "Live" is placed in quotes for "Live" Lobsters.)


  1. $30??!!! Do those worms bait themselves or something??!!!

    Just go to wal-mart, people!

    The little bait shop in my town closed a few years ago :(

    1.  I remember reading once that McDonald’s debunked the rumours that their burgers were made of worms by pointing out that the cost of worms was much higher than the cost of beef.  This story may even be true.

    2. FYI,  2lb of worms is approximately 2000 worms vs. the 20 worms you linked from Wal-Mart. Also, the variety shown in the picture that costs $30 are red wrigglers and, though they can be fishing worms, are predominantly used for vermi-composting so people buy a big batch to get their compost pile moving quickly.

  2. I bought live ladybugs from amazon. worked out great. except they all vacated my garden within 2 days instead of staying around to eat the aphids.

  3. I got two pounds of red wrigglers from Uncle Jim’s and they were infested with cluster fly larvae.  We had flies in our house for months.

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