Matter: a kickstartered forum for long-form, investigative journalism


7 Responses to “Matter: a kickstartered forum for long-form, investigative journalism”

  1. User 100 says:

    Good luck with that—but with the extremely short free preview of articles, and absolutely none that can be read for free (to judge the level of writing), I doubt too many people will risk their money buying articles on good will alone.

  2. SedanChair says:

    Sorry, there’s no money for investigative journalism anymore. We are now entirely reliant on the supply of young, beautiful polyglot children of privilege deciding to do it for themselves.

  3. musesum says:

    A bit of a pivot on investigative journalism, but this reminds me of a story by Ray Bradbury, called “The Watchful Poker Chip of H. Matisse”:

  4. Dimmer says:

    But I’d pay an arm and a leg to read a good piece on Body Integrity Identity Disorder.

  5. E T says:

    What is “an 8,000 report”? 8,000 pages, characters or words?
    Why not proofread if you want people to pay for it?

  6. Rick Mycroft says:

    What happens when they get a limb amputated, and then have phantom limb syndrome on top of BIID?

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