Sandman box set is out

The massive, all-in-one, ten-volume slipcased Sandman box-set I mentioned last May is out and shipping! $125 cheap! w00t!

Sandman Slipcase Set


  1. Speaking as someone who has had every copy since back when, a lot of people will choose these off your bookshelf on a snowy day or a slow day. It’s remarkable how many times I’ve loaned mine out over the years. And that people return them. Much respect Neil.

  2. I was thrilled to find this in my inbox this morning “Your order of “Sandman Slipcase Set” has shipped!”

  3. — and only eighteen years after the market for it appeared. Certainly no-one can accuse DC of ignoring the market, now.

  4. How does this version compare to the Absolute Sandman volumes? interested to see what the differences are.

    1. These books have the new coloring that appeared in the Absolute editions, but as regular trade-sized paperbacks. Don’t know what sort of extras (if any) are in these.

  5. Also, my local friendly gaming and comic shop had just Volume 10, with the slipcase.  I’m pretty sure my guy just ordered it for me, since he knew I was collecting them one at a time as I could afford them.  But it’s awesome that you can get the case without having to buy all 10 at once.

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