Sandman box set is out


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  1. acerplatanoides says:

    Speaking as someone who has had every copy since back when, a lot of people will choose these off your bookshelf on a snowy day or a slow day. It’s remarkable how many times I’ve loaned mine out over the years. And that people return them. Much respect Neil.

  2. MikeM says:

    I was thrilled to find this in my inbox this morning “Your order of “Sandman Slipcase Set” has shipped!”

  3. bardfinn says:

    — and only eighteen years after the market for it appeared. Certainly no-one can accuse DC of ignoring the market, now.

  4. Grey Devil says:

    How does this version compare to the Absolute Sandman volumes? interested to see what the differences are.

    • Cody McKee says:

      These books have the new coloring that appeared in the Absolute editions, but as regular trade-sized paperbacks. Don’t know what sort of extras (if any) are in these.

  5. Chris Kersten says:

    Also, my local friendly gaming and comic shop had just Volume 10, with the slipcase.  I’m pretty sure my guy just ordered it for me, since he knew I was collecting them one at a time as I could afford them.  But it’s awesome that you can get the case without having to buy all 10 at once.

  6. Jennifer Luevano says:

    I wish my poor college student self could afford this. 

  7. jackbob says:

    FFS, how many more versions/editions are they gonna do?

  8. Mine arrived in the post last week. :)

  9. you git, doctorow ! us poor saps in the u.k. have to wait until the twentieth !

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