The comic book periodic table of elements


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  1. Christopher says:

    I had an interest in chemistry before there was an internet, so for researching odd things that piqued my interest I mainly relied on my parents’ World Book encyclopedias. I’ve never forgotten that it had a relatively short entry on Yttrium, stating that the element had no known commercial uses. That was partly why, when we had to pick an element and write about it for high school chemistry class I picked Yttrium. I wanted to see how much I could write about an element that had so little said about it.

    So I’m not entirely surprised that the Yttrium reference comes from a 2001 Star Trek comic. But I also haven’t picked up a comic book since I was taking high school chemistry, so I doubt I’ll be much help.

  2. iamlegion says:

    I always loved the Metal Men…

  3. Metamorpho!

    (when I was a kid I used to think it was meet-AM-or-fo)

    • Nadreck says:

      They’ve even got the Metamorpho appearance of one of my favourite elements, Tantalum, which in my opinion was its finest role.

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