The Simpsons might win an Oscar, heavy on the "might"


6 Responses to “The Simpsons might win an Oscar, heavy on the "might"”

  1. planettom says:

    Hmmm, ICE AGE: CONTINENTAL DRIFT  comes out December 11th on DVD, but it doesn’t appear the SIMPSONS short is part of the extras.

    ICE AGE: CONTINENTAL DRIFT is currently at the $2 discount theater near me, but I’d be really annoyed if I went to it and found they weren’t showing the short!

  2. Jorpho says:

    Fresh Guacamole only came out this past year!?  It feels like it’s been a while.

    Mr. PES does awesome work, but alas, I suspect it just isn’t a contender for this sort of prize.

  3. artbyjcm says:

    I’m sorry, but my vote goes to Paperman. It was so well done. I enjoyed that short so much that if Wreck It Ralph had sucked, I still would have left the theater happy. 

    Fortunately it’s a freaking great film as well.

  4. SedanChair says:

    Thank goodness, finally.

    Wait, you said “Oscar.” I thought you said “mercy bullet.”

  5. There’s no way this can win against Paperman. I’d love Fresh Guacamole to win, though. 

  6. jackbob says:

    One major factor to consider about The Simpson Movie being shut out of the best animated feature category at the 2008 Oscars was that it was a massive steaming pile of shite though ….

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