Timothy Leary's papers return to Harvard, 50 years after they gave him the boot

Lisa Rein from the Timothy Leary estate writes,

Fifty years after being cut loose by Harvard for being too enthusiastic regarding the successful results of his experiments with psilocybin and LSD, the only complete collection of Timothy Leary's published works, including the papers of the original Harvard psychedelic research, has been acquired by the university that banished him and his partner, Richard Alpert (Ram Dass), in 1963.

The Leary collection is just one of the many jewels in the Ludlow-Santo Domingo Library of Geneva that the prestigious Houghton Library recently acquired on long-term loan. Virtually unknown to the public, it is the greatest library of psychoactive drug history, literature, science and culture on the planet, formed over a decade by a visionary and committed collector, Julio Santo Domingo (1958-2009).

Leary and Alpert took their banishment from Academia in stride, and helped further the budding Psychedelic Revolution, which subsequently was itself banished from western society. So in a sense, Leary is making a comeback, just as psychedelic research appears to be. With all the printed work by and about him in one place, presently being processed and catalogued (it will take a while), students and historians will be able to study the research and truly assess the role of Leary, Alpert, Metzner, and the most famous mind drug in history.

Timothy Leary and Harvard, Reunited At Last


  1. This is awesome. First the Sagan-Leary correspondence, now this. Now all that needs to happen is for the Pacifica Archives to discover some lost Leary tapes.

    The archives was on my mind because I was just listening to the Pacifica Archives fundraiser show. Always funny to hear those KPFK guys on KPFT. They’re so different. Though KPFT did do the national coverage and post debate show for the whole Pacifica network. Dudes out in LA probably thought it quite strange to hear a Deep East Texas accent and a British accent on their station.

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