TOM THE DANCING BUG: Super-Fun-Pak Comix - Science Facts for the Internet-Addled, and MORE, MORE, MORE!

Tom the Dancing Bug, featuring a decapitation, a time-murder, an elephant not speaking Korean, a gambling debt unpaid and MUCH MORE.

Tom the Dancing Bug by @RubenBolling is supported by readers like YOU. Seriously, it’s a very homogeneous group.

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    1. The elephant initially says an informal “Howdy!”  The next thing he says is already translated in the cartoon.

      (I don’t speak Jejumal – I just took a guess that it was researched from wikipedia and took a look there)

        1. Wikipedia [normal caveats apply] says that it and the mainland dialects are more or less mutually unintelligible, and UNESCO considers it a separate language.

        2. It does differ substantially from mainland Korean.  Historically the island has been isolated enough to maintain a separate language.

          If he wanted a safe bet, he could have picked Cia-Cia.  The concept of a non-Korean language being written in Hangul has captured some attention in the country.

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