A group of squid is called a ...

For the record, squid come in shoals. Not quite as good as a squad. But still nicely alliterative.

Via Craig McClain


  1. I saw the headline and then the large black mark directly underneath it, so, naturally, I thought, oh, okay, a group of squids is called…a big black mark? Did the squids ink all over it? If so I assume one then yelled, “Well pardon my anatomy!” 

  2. Some groups of animals have cool names…  I think the best might be a “murder” of crows.   A shrewdness of apes is kind of neat. A congregation of alligators.An obstinacy of bison. A clattering of Chough. A consortium of crab. A gang of deer…. I’m much more nervous of having deer in my back yard now…  Sorry. I could go on for days, cause these are great. Can we do this with human beings too?  Can we call it an archive of historians, for example? 

    EDIT: Okay, sorry, one more – a marmalade of ponies. One more time, that’s a marmalade of ponies.

    1. You’ve probably heard this joke, but in case you haven’t, three English scholars are walking down a street and happen to pass a group of ladies of the evening. They begin speculating as to what such a group should be called. “A jam of tarts?” suggests one. The second says, “Perhaps an essay of Trollopes.” The third says, “No, gentlemen, what we saw was a blare of strumpets.”

  3. Go ahead and call them a squad. I mean, who is this self-appointed group that decides what common usage will be? And remember what happened to Santorum. If you say it often enough, Google will make you the winner.

  4. What’s a group of sherpas called? I was thinking “shemp” would be good, but I think that’s more appropriate for a group of knuckleheads.

  5. I’m pretty sure the collective noun for anything is a “holheapa”

    “That’s a holheapa squid, Bob!”

  6. Is your source for “shoals” a British or American usage?  Americans refer to large groups of fish as “schools”, while Brits refer to them as “shoals”, thus the Red Dwarf theme song refers to “goldfish shoals nibbling at my toes”.

  7. I’m not sure shoal and squid constitute an alliteration.  /sh/ and /s/ are different sounds, just as /th/ and /t/ are different sounds.

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