A supercut of Gustavo Almadovar saying his name again and again

What's your favorite part? (Via Laughing Squid)


      1. Psychological kinesiology would probably say that his muscles are twitching because of a conflict between subconscious and conscious impulses. Possibly due to mispronouncing his own name for the benefit of a broader audience. Or acting like a fool for ratings purposes. You can make of that theory what you will.

      2. I live near the spanish town of “Almodovar del Campo” and I can confirm you that all their inhabitants look at their left when they speak. I believe there are genetic reasons for that behaviour, and that the head turn when he pronounces “Almodovar” is a genetic reminiscence.

        Edit: The correct spelling is “Amodovar”, not “Almadovar”, as “Pedro Almodovar”

  1. That’s his own name?  That has to be one of the worst pronunciations of a Spanish name I’ve ever heard.

    1. Or film school. The last name is one letter removed from Pedro Almodovar’s. It took me sooo long to get used to saying it the correct way instead of Al-mo-do-var. It probably grated on my professor’s nerves as much as it does mine as I hear people say Chi-POLE-te.

  2. ha! Hilarious. Why the hell does he mis-pronounce his last name? I’m pretty sure he knows how to say it right. 

  3. For people who work in broadcasting, their name is their “brand,” so they are told to pronounce it the same way — specific rhythm, always smiling (you can tell aurally when a person is smiling), etc.

  4.  What punctuation do you use to denote that one should raise their right eyebrow in the second syllable of his last name?

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