Athanasius Kircher, a Man of Misconceptions - Exclusive excerpts


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  1. Athanasius Kircher was actually an alchemist, himself. It was quite common among alchemists to decry other alchemists as schemers and cheats. This was their way of keeping the competition for patrons down. His study of Egypt and Egyptology may have very well been part of his search for the Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus.

  2. Jonathan Badger says:

    There’s an exhibit on Kircher at the Museum of Jurrassic Technology, focusing on his mystical obsession with magnetism — it’s called The World is Bound With Secret Knots. It’s a fun museum, and Kircher is a fun character — even though he was often wrong, he was wrong for interesting reasons.

  3. Ashen Victor says:

    “But in Kircher’s time, every summer, people who claimed they were bitten by the tarantula exhibited an array of troubling symptoms: (…) unusual and excessive thirst for wine. Afflicted women ran around exposing themselves. Men experienced unrelenting erections.”

    Excessive wine. Naked women. Raging erections…

    There MAY be a correlation… but I can`t put my finger on it…

  4. polossatik says:

    Seams only available in electronic format with DRM …

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