I.Think.We.Are.Alone.Now. -- documentary about two men obsessed with pop singer Tiffany

I had dinner with my old friend Dan Kimball last night. In the 80s we lived together in London and played in a rockabilly/punk band. He now lives in Santa Cruz, and he told me about a fellow he's gotten to know there named Jeffrey Turner. Turner was a subject of a documentary about two men who are obsessed with pop singer Tiffany.

I especially liked the part with Turner's stepfather, who is a skilled model railway enthusiasts and quite funny.

Turner is also in a Teddybears video.


  1. I watched a few minutes – wish I had time to watch more.

    I used to play with a band that was extremely popular a long time ago.  Because of that experience, I’m pretty sure there are very devoted superfans of every big pop act, and that superfan mentality doesn’t fade with the years.  To me and to a lot of “normal” people, these people are weird. 

    The members of the band I played with are all male, and their (mostly) female superfans acted in very much the same way as the guy in the movie. I find it interesting that as an older man, he certainly comes off as a stalker – but I bet he’d act the same way if he wasn’t a man and/or Tiffany wasn’t a woman…

  2. I saw this a while ago. It is insane and made me feel like a monster for watching it. I felt badly for the two dudes (particularly the transgender individual) and even more so for Tiffany. In an unexpected way, it highlights the way in which celebrity can rob a person of their own being.

    1. I think the profoundly sad thing for these two is that you very much want them to have *something* in their lives — they seem to have absolutely nothing else — but you sure wish it could be something else entirely.

  3. “The difference between me and a stalker is that they don’t truly love the individual. There’s not one thing on Tiffany I do not love. Theoretically, I love her down to her bone marrow.”

  4. This was RIVETING. I watched every second. They made the heartbreak of the lives of these two men, so evident. At moments it all seems so harmless, and then terrifying in the obvious lack of control that their respective mental illnesses have left them with. What an incredible story.

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