Omnishambles is word of the year

The Oxford English Dictionary has determined that "omnishambles", referring to situations shambolic in all possible respects, is word of the year. Coined by Armando Iannucci for BBC political comedy The Thick Of It, it has since been used in Britain's real-life parliament to refer to real-life omnishambles. [BBC]


  1. So it basically means ‘clusterfuck’, is every bit as much fun to say AND can be uttered in front of kids?

    I’m trying so hard not to make this my new username everywhere.

  2. Yeah, Rob, you missed the real story – GIF is the US word of the year.

    The UK gets a way better word and it’s not fair and for the record, I voted for “Frankenstorm”. :P

  3. I don’t even understand this word. What does additional information “Omnishambles” impart that “Shambles” didn’t already?

    It sounds to me like they’re just trying to create controversy to sell more of their old-fashioned-wiki-style books. 

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