A Honey Boo Boo portrait made of thematically-appropriate trash

Artist Jason Mecier, whose work we've featured on Boing Boing before, has completed a new art piece made from "25 lbs. of trash, recycling and found objects inspired by Honey Boo Boo," which took over 50 hours to create.

Highlights include two cans of hair spray, three tiaras, make-up, mascara, fake eyelashes, coupons, sketti, butter, ten cheese balls, two Red Bulls, one Mountain Dew, a McDonald's chicken nugget, a pink Snuggy box, an empty toilet paper roll, one cabbage patch doll and a jar of Pigs Feet. No roadkill was injured during the making of this portrait!

Watch the "making of" video.


10 Responses to “A Honey Boo Boo portrait made of thematically-appropriate trash”

  1. dondi says:

    Where does he get awesomesauce sticks for his glue guns?

  2. snagglepuss says:

    This may well be all the justification for recycing trash that any sentient being would ever need.

  3. kmoser says:

    “…which took over 50 hours to create”

    Is 50 hours a lot or a little in this case?

  4. SomeGuyNamedMark says:

    That is some tasty art

  5. Brainspore says:

    Shouldn’t “thematically-appropriate trash” in this case be… white?

    But seriously, this.

  6. Alex Schneider says:

    That’s still going on?

  7. I don’t think it’s productive to call any human being ‘trash’ especially a child. 

    • Brainspore says:

      Frankly I don’t think anything that child has been subjected to could be called “productive.” She’s gonna make Gary Coleman look like a case study in successful, supportive upbringing before this thing is done.

  8. sjsharks says:

    Hey, you are what you eat. OOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

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