Hashima, the abandoned island


7 Responses to “Hashima, the abandoned island”

  1. CSBD says:

    I wish it was for sale and in my price range….
    Everyone needs a secret lair.

    • Christopher says:

      Now you’ve reminded me of something that always confounds me whenever I watch certain James Bond films: where do these criminal masterminds get enough money to build their massive secret lairs?

      I find it hard to imagine someone going to Kickstarter and saying, “I want to build a massive underwater structure that I can use to capture submarines…”

  2. Robert Cruickshank says:

    Is there some island we can send all the HDR photographers to, and like, leave them there? Please? 

  3. autark says:

    Just saw Skyfall last night and that scene was one of those little continuity details that ruined it for me… they supposedly sail from Macau to Hashima overnight… it’s gotta be over a thousand miles, what what? I know in the movie it wasn’t “supposed” to be Hashima necessarily, but knowing that it was a real place ruined the illusion for me.

  4. Ito Kagehisa says:

    I’ve always wanted to plant a giant tree there.  Like, a really giant tree, something that would eat up the city, take over the entire island, and attract Totoros.

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