Improvised footballs from Africa

Photographer Jessica Hilltout travelled Africa documenting homemade footballs/soccer balls improvised across the continent. Shown above, a ball from Mozambique, made by Domingo. Left, a Ghanian ball from the Anokye Stars.

Balls (via Kottke)


  1. Slightly off topic, but I wonder if all those flattened footballs that some US troops gave away to Iraqi kids ever were inflated. The story went that the kids wore them as hats that day, laughing at ridiculousness.

      1. I think you’re right. The high price will clearly limit how many will be donated, and makes buying them implausible for the people who would actually use them. But maybe if they can increase production and sales, the price will come down. I got one of these balls and I’m impressed with it. They would make great school yard balls anywhere, not just in the third world, because they’re so tough.

      2. $40 for two balls (one for me, one for kids in need) i can do but add an additional $40 postage to Australia and I’m afraid they have to count me out.

      1. Only lately. Apparently the Brits called them soccer balls for decades before switching to the non-English usage.

  2. The NY Times had a great article about the One World Futbol Project recently. The idea of a “virtually indestructible ball” is brilliant. I am going to participate in their buy-one-give-one program.

  3. Love the one world futbol. Solves a problem I’d never considered. I too have done the buy-one-give-one on their site. 

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