Italian Judge: outdoor sex illegal even when locals distracted by sports


13 Responses to “Italian Judge: outdoor sex illegal even when locals distracted by sports”

  1. Chuck says:

    How about if you’re watching the game while having sex?  Is that legal?

  2. IronEdithKidd says:

    So what about in a tent while camping?  Or is that considered indoors enough to be legal?

  3. LinkMan says:

    But if EVERYONE was inside watching the game, how did they get caught?

  4. Jordan Pez says:

    Wasn’t this an episode of Dharma and Greg? (except it was the last episode of Seinfeld instead of Football)

  5. Not legal, but surely the more gratifying of the two options?

  6. kjh says:

    They were outside, they were getting exercise and they weren’t watching TV.  As a parent, I would have thought this is all good.  

  7. No safety word instanced and no yellow flags, and it’s still an obscene act…in Rome? Is this for people who have not gotten around to weeping for burning Tuscany and submerged Venice, because of grappa austerity, or for people who forgot how to rent a glider to get 300′ up from rooftops to…it does seem fussy.

    • Stooge says:

      The couple decided to park their car, strip naked and start fucking on the grass verge at the corner of a residential road and a main road in daylight.

      Perhaps the policemen who spotted them might have treated them more leniently if the lady in question hadn’t hit them quite so many times with her handbag when they asked for some ID…

  8. Slowermo says:

    I like to go grocery shopping during games in an especially (American) football crazy area. I still wouldn’t feel confident getting down in the cereal aisle. Maybe in the organic foods aisle though.

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