Thanksgiving: time to revisit classic Sarah Palin turkey-death video

It's the most wonderful time of the year. A turkey classic: a 2008 news story on Anchorage TV news KTUU channel 2, in which then-governor Sarah Palin is interviewed at a turkey farm while turkeys are slaughtered behind her. (via Greg Mitchell)


    1. What a stunning… I ain’t gonna say it. Spoonerisms are fun!
      But yeah, what breathtaking cluelessness.

  1. So what’s wrong with this? People eat turkeys on Thanksgiving. For people to eat turkeys, turkeys have to die. It’s actually interesting to see it so out in the open, as opposed to behind closed doors.

    I mean, besides the fact that it is just kind of funny.

  2. Where’s the “pardon” the title speaks of?  I just find it bizarre that anybody would have thought this was a good place/position for a political photo-op.

    I find it more interesting that here is a conservative member of government complaining about the price of oil dropping.

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