Tiny slide-projector for your digital pics


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  1. Guest says:

    You pay to have slide-wheels with your digital photos on them produced

    Hmmm… that cost will add up over time and you have to wait until your orders come in.  I think I’ll stick with a usb projector instead that can plug into my laptop and/or have a jump drive plugged into it.

    • vonbobo says:

      It’s designed for fun people to have fun with.

    • Kids dressed in 1890-1990s period costume, presenting to doll-size homemade saloons, catered hotel lobbies, drawing rooms and bank boards; they propose our hideous past, the dolls deprecate it, hilarity ensues. I am not clear how technical 300-slide presentations are compatible with this, but if saying no is halfway fun, then perhaps saying ‘not even on a fire-safe analogue’ will be all the way there. (You’re not supposed to rubberstamp everything here as cool after all; a little ‘Atari Spectrum culture ONLY’ might do.)

    • Dlo Burns says:

      I’m sure this weighs less, takes less electricity, and is quicker to set up.

      -and less likely to get stolen-

  2. Why wouldn’t it just use standard memory cards?

  3. Heartfruit says:

    Maybe I don’t have the happy memories of slides that other do, but I fail to see the appeal

    • vonbobo says:

      In my younger years, my family would drag out the old projector a couple of times a year. The experience was kind of cool: a two button wired remote, a dark room, the reliable mechanical noise of the projector changing slides- cajunk, cajunk, cajunk, and the family reciting “the tell” of fond memories to the newer generations.

  4. Mark Roberts says:

    Wow! What a waste of…everything!

  5. Red Monk says:

     It might be a cute Xmas ornament.

  6. zantony says:

    I want to see Tiny Don Draper’s pitch for this.

  7. Henry Pootel says:

    Needs a little keychain ring

  8. “hackable” & “you pay to have…” are incompossible.

    • Thomas Shaddack says:

      Not really. There’s nothing in the business model that would *prevent* you from making your own slide wheels. You can make your own (would printing on a highres inkjet work? or you can print the photos on paper, then photograph it with a film camera and go the old chemical diapositive way), or you can pay to offload the work to the third party.

      There’s a lot of space for these business models. Some people can’t even do as simple things as soldering.

  9. Dlo Burns says:

    I had a spiderman toy like this. It had a projector in his chest with a button on the back, and came with little image wheels that showed him fighting with Mysterio. Weirdly I eventually lost the spiderman toy (or my mom went on one of her secret ‘de-junkings’…) but still had the wheels. I’m really curious if it was  just an adapted comic or it was made new for that.

    Oh Nostalgia.  

  10. Itsumishi says:

    I can just picture Lester Freeman hand crafting a tiny little projector screen and tiny little fold up chairs so that some rich doll lover can buy one of these and set up a family projector screening in the attic of their doll house.

    • chaopoiesis says:

      … and a tiny printer to save the memories. You pay to buy tiny ink cartridges.

    • Jonathan Roberts says:

      Depending on the cost, that would be an excellent addition to a scale model house or cinema for extra realism. $25 isn’t even all that much if you were that interested in modeling. Come to think of it, a lower tech version (placing an led behind a similarly printed single slide) would work fine too, even if you couldn’t see the projector itself.

  11. For the record, I think it’s a neat little project. I’m going to get one for my kid, along with a reel or two of her favorite art.

  12. ashypete says:

    So slide film / E6 processing are hanging on (barely) and these guys want to make a slide machine for your crappy Instagram pictures that requires you to transfer the pictures ONTO to film (for a price)… Ok. I guess it looks cute but the idea behind it makes me scratch my head.

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