Tiny slide-projector for your digital pics

"Projecteo" is Benjamin Redford's fully funded Kickstarter project to produce simple, tiny, hackable slide projectors for your digital photos. You pay to have slide-wheels with your digital photos on them produced, then show them in darkened rooms using this tiny, LED-powered projector. The gadget is pretty adorable. You can get them for $25, including a slide-wheel.

Projecteo has been designed so you can disassemble it. This will not only make them easier to recycle but it means you can pull it open and see what's going on inside. There, you will find a super bright LED, capacitors and resistors, a switch, a decade counter and three batteries. Feel free to hack away! We can't wait to see your creations.

Projecteo: The tiny Instagram projector.


  1. You pay to have slide-wheels with your digital photos on them produced

    Hmmm… that cost will add up over time and you have to wait until your orders come in.  I think I’ll stick with a usb projector instead that can plug into my laptop and/or have a jump drive plugged into it.

    1. Kids dressed in 1890-1990s period costume, presenting to doll-size homemade saloons, catered hotel lobbies, drawing rooms and bank boards; they propose our hideous past, the dolls deprecate it, hilarity ensues. I am not clear how technical 300-slide presentations are compatible with this, but if saying no is halfway fun, then perhaps saying ‘not even on a fire-safe analogue’ will be all the way there. (You’re not supposed to rubberstamp everything here as cool after all; a little ‘Atari Spectrum culture ONLY’ might do.)

    1. In my younger years, my family would drag out the old projector a couple of times a year. The experience was kind of cool: a two button wired remote, a dark room, the reliable mechanical noise of the projector changing slides- cajunk, cajunk, cajunk, and the family reciting “the tell” of fond memories to the newer generations.

    1. Not really. There’s nothing in the business model that would *prevent* you from making your own slide wheels. You can make your own (would printing on a highres inkjet work? or you can print the photos on paper, then photograph it with a film camera and go the old chemical diapositive way), or you can pay to offload the work to the third party.

      There’s a lot of space for these business models. Some people can’t even do as simple things as soldering.

  2. I had a spiderman toy like this. It had a projector in his chest with a button on the back, and came with little image wheels that showed him fighting with Mysterio. Weirdly I eventually lost the spiderman toy (or my mom went on one of her secret ‘de-junkings’…) but still had the wheels. I’m really curious if it was  just an adapted comic or it was made new for that.

    Oh Nostalgia.  

  3. I can just picture Lester Freeman hand crafting a tiny little projector screen and tiny little fold up chairs so that some rich doll lover can buy one of these and set up a family projector screening in the attic of their doll house.

    1. Depending on the cost, that would be an excellent addition to a scale model house or cinema for extra realism. $25 isn’t even all that much if you were that interested in modeling. Come to think of it, a lower tech version (placing an led behind a similarly printed single slide) would work fine too, even if you couldn’t see the projector itself.

  4. So slide film / E6 processing are hanging on (barely) and these guys want to make a slide machine for your crappy Instagram pictures that requires you to transfer the pictures ONTO to film (for a price)… Ok. I guess it looks cute but the idea behind it makes me scratch my head.

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