Clarkesworld is an excellent science fiction pub, its publisher has hit hard times and needs your support

Martin sez, "Neil Clarke over at Clarkesworld SF blog/magazine is ill and just lost his job. John Scalzi has called for uniform support by subscribing to Clarkesworld magazine. It's a highly regarded mag for up and coming sf authors and might need some attention."

I agree with John's assessment. Clarkesworld is a fabulous publication, a labor of love, and something that makes the world a better place. It has been a launching-spot for numerous wonderful writing careers, and deserves your support (and Neil Clarke is a first-class mensch). I just subscribed. You can also donate.

Clarkesworld is an excellent magazine, and it’s also a story market that pays more than the SFWA minimum for professional-level sales, meaning that it’s a good market for writers, too. You can read its content for free on the Web site, but there’s also an option for you to subscribe to the magazine as well, and have it delivered to your e-reader, or to donate to the site to support it.

Today is a Good Day to Subscribe to Clarkesworld Magazine


  1. I went to subscribe, but the only formats available were for mobile devices.
    What if I want to read it on my PC?
    Maybe when they get hard copy, as a last resort.

    1. what pc specific format were you expecting to find it in?   i’ve got a half dozen freereader programs, from kindle, to ybooks, they pretty much all handle epub or mobi.   the only thing i can think of is microsoft crap with it’s .lit, but you can always just run them through calibre and reformat to whatever you need.   (calibre is also free)

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