Junkbot clockwork spiders with lightbulbs

JM Gershenson-Gates, a sculptor who makes watch-part jewelry, has produced a few watch-part/light-bulb spiders and other crawlies that are nothing short of amazing. He's sold out, but he says he's making more, which is good news for me.

The spiders were a huge hit!


  1. Unless these actually walk, I’d say they are certainly short of amazing.  This seems on a par with making doll furniture from beer cans.  Certainly more portable than the dinosaurs made from old truck parts you can see sold at the side of the highway.

    I don’t see why you can’t make one yourself.

    Oh wait, you need to make yourself a watch that gets you arrested in California. Circuit board and switches, ooh scary!

    1. I could make a comment just like yours. It’s not very interesting, really. I mean anyone can make a droll remark about someone else’s creativity when they don’t express any of their own.

  2. I gasped when I first saw this and thought that it might actually walk around and light up, but in the next second realized that it was instead probably just an assemblage-type piece. It’s still super fun to look at, especially in nice macro shots like that.

    I wish that I had used my experiences as a sculpture and jewelry making student and electronics assembly technician to make things like this before arthritis scuttled my plans for a life doing fine work with my hands. The Internet seems to make it trivial to get your work in front of an appreciative audience these days. Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking.

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