My favorite logo for a pest exterminating company

I am scanning some old invoices and I came across one for a termite exterminator. I thought the drawing of the 4-legged bug on its back was sketched just for me before they faxed the invoice over, but I visited the website and saw that it's their logo. Wonderful!


  1. Bug?  My first thought on landing on the front page was ‘hairy testicles’, but I guess that’s just me.

  2. What do you expect from a website done entirely in Flash? You don’t have Flash, you see only the box on the bottom of the page telling you to upgrade Flash. Strange considering how static this page is.

    Stuff on this page points to claims to use “Advanced HTML5 Technology” to help build your “Free Stunning Website”.

    1.  I was stunned by the sites advanced design. 
      Turning on scripts for Wix (German for cum), facebook and CloudFront before seeing ANYTHING. 

  3. “four-legged”? Given the apparent bends in the legs, I’m assuming you can see the animal’s four left legs, and it likely has eight.

    1. I’ve seen this logo in Hong Kong a few times and have always thought it one of the best. 

      FYI, the company is now called Yamato (sans Space Battleship…).

      1. Ditto.  I’ve been waiting a lifetime to see that, and honestly, this is the first time I’ve come across it.

        1. There was a store in SF when I moved there in the 70s called Ann and Daughters.  Mission Street, maybe.

          1. Another bit of anecdotal evidence to reinforce the idea that I didn’t grow up in the most progressive part of California, it’s true.

            When I was a kid, my favorite primetime TV show was Sanford and Son, more for the junkyard than anything else (I still love junkyards), and ever since then I wondered why so few daughters elected to join the family business, or at least advertise thus, even late in the 20th century.

            (On a side note, I assume someone here has seen the British original, Steptoe and Son.  Was it any good?)

            Suddenly I’m thinking of an all-female reboot of Sanford and Daughter.  All-female except for Uncle Ernest.  And now my mind is blowing itself.

        2. There’s a renowned store on the Lower East Side of NYC called Russ and Daughters. They sell caviar and smoked fish and such. It was on an episode of Louie.

          The “and Daughters” here is a little more unusual due to the nature of the profession. It’s more commonly seen in (for lack of a better word) “daintier” businesses. The first relevant hits for “and daughters” are an interior design firm, the aforementioned Russ, a sprout farm, and a shopping consultancy, whatever that is. (YMMV, Google seems to be prioritizing local results for me.)

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