November Eclipse


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  1. Lionel Brits says:

    “That’s no moon…”

  2. Robert says:

    *squinting* You’re sure that’s a false color image of the moon? Because I can see the sun, and the moon is totally black.

  3. megan strong says:

    Has anybody seen my Nilla-Wafer ? I only took 1 bite so far.

  4. xpatriate says:


  5. Jacqui Foo says:

    My lovely Fiance Jason recolored the sun  on my instistence that EVERYONE represents the sun as yellow from the age of 3 :)

  6. Neal McLain says:

    Well, unless those black things are moonspots, I agree with others … that’s the sun, not the moon.

  7. . says:

    That’s no moon!

  8. princessalex says:

    Hmmmm.  From the link provided in the text:

    “False Colour Pac Man, November 2012. My fiancee, the lovely Jax, keeps asking me why the SUN pictures I take aren’t yellow … so here’s a yellow one, just for her!”

    (emphasis mine)

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