World's fastest and most totally amazing piano juggler

Dan Menendez, piano juggler extraordinaire. Now, to be fair and accurate, it's also possible that this video was dubbed... [Video Link, via Joe Sabia]


  1. Don’t mean to be a spoil sport, and not saying his routine is fake, but the notes we’re hearing don’t always correspond to what we’re seeing regarding the balls hitting the keyboard, so there’s something else going on here in this video.

    1. the notes we’re hearing don’t always correspond to what we’re seeing regarding the balls hitting the keyboard

      Give him a break, he doesn’t look at the keyboard once.

        1. That’s to keep tigers from eating him. They only attack the piano jugglers who don’t think they’re watching them.  This is why you never see piano jugglers without masks on their heads, as tigers have et all the unmasked ones. 

  2. I like how the eyes of the mask are pitiless orbs of pure alien perception, staring into your soul and making you realize that it knows about the time that you hit that hitchhiker with your car and drove away before the cops came UNICORN CHASER PLEASE

  3. The only talent here is timing (which nonetheless appears to be very good).  The notes he’s playing do not come from the balls hitting the “keys” – it looks like the keys don’t even depress.

    1. Actually it looks like maybe the “keyboard” just generates the timing information, each ball strike moving forward an existing sequence on some other device.  So the timing is more or less irrelevant also.

        1. Yeah, they’re just midi triggers – every time a ball hits, it signals a note to be played so while he has excellent rhythm, he isn’t actually playing anything like you would on say, a piano. Also, if you watch closely, you’ll see one ball sometimes triggering a chord rather than a single note. Had a friend who used to program midi triggers for a band.

      1. Yeah, that looks like what it is. But the timing of the juggling is relevant. So, at least it’s a sort of rhythmic exercise, which is in itself not bad.

        1. He’s also pretty good at faking it well enough that you have to look REALLY closely to realize that he’s not actually playing the notes. 

  4. I’m sad he didn’t introduce us to his little friend. Perhaps he actually juggles pianos like I was hoping for!

  5. People are usually so good at crying “shopped”, even when something is not shopped, and now they call “amazing” this clearly fake performance?

    Listen to it: sometimes 1 ball plays a chord!

  6. Where to draw the line between an outraged cry of “faked!” and an appreciation of a clever illusion?

  7. I came here wondering exactly how the piano juggler was going to get a piano off the ground, let alone 3. This was not what I was expecting. Seriously…I just sadtromboned myself.

  8. I have worked with Dan & I’ve watched him setup, troubleshoot, & rehearse – yes it isn’t a true keyboard rather a painted surface but there are multiple trigger zones. Timing, location, & number of balls striking (within a somewhat forgiving window) are all important. If you want to know more pay him for schematics, he has built an incredible device & created an amazing act around it and his juggling skills. There is good reason why he has ruled this act for decades and those who have tried to imitate him fail

  9. Amazing!

    At least, I enjoyed it. Mask, Mini-mask, and all.

    this was a wonderful thing, no matter if it was done in aftereffects or by forcing everyone who watches it to imbibe absinthe an hour ahead of time.

  10. What is wrong with all of you nit pickers. You took the time to imagine that you were counting notes, but you didn’t go to This guy is amazing!

  11. So what’s with the dummy?
    “He’s not a dummy, he’s a mannequin!”
    I was talking to the mannequin.
    (insert uproarious laughter here)

  12. My master has the Slayer’s sister hostage at the Bronze because she summoned him and at midnight he’s going to take her to the underworld to be his queen.

  13. Anyone screaming fake can go out and just do it themselves. It’s easy right?

    Seriously, Dan is an entertainer. Where you not entertained? Since the first time I saw him on Carson back in the late 80’s, I’ve been entertained by his show. It’s a good solid act. Don’t worry about the how of a live act. That’s the least important part.

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