Call Congress to support the short-lived, excellent copyright reform memo

Michael from Public Knowledge sez, "Members of Congress need to know that their constituents support the sensible-yet-extraordinary copyright reform memo put out by the Republican Study Committee Friday night. For many members, a memo like this will help them formulate their first opinions about what "reasonable" copyright reform looks like. Members will only take the memo seriously if their constituents take it seriously. We're asking people to call their Representatives today to show how important this issue is to them. If their representatives are Republicans, tell them to support the memo. If their representatives are Democrats, tell them to reach across the aisle to work together on bipartisan reform."


  1. It may be worth noting here how little it takes to get the attention of a Member of Congress on an issue that — for most of these guys — is way, way down on the list. I worked on Capitol Hill in the 1993ish band and even though my boss was then on the Science Committee, in the run up to the vote on both the SSC and the Space Station, I don’t recall more than twenty letters dealing with the both of them.  But even there, it was enough to require my boss to state a position on it.  And to do that, it meant that the staff had to have at least a cursory discussion of it.  This is an even better opportunity.

    I’m one of only a handful of self-identified Republicans around here, but I’d encourage my fellow happy mutants to take the time to call or email — especially if your Member of Congress is a Republican — a perfectly polite “I don’t agree with you on very much or really anything at all, but I do think the position taken in his memo is the right one and I hope you’ll consider it” would go a very long way, if only to get folks on staffs to give it a bit of thought. 

    Republicans would love to figure out a way to find a new constituency or, at the very least, a new approach to an issue, as we mostly are running out of them.  And the ability to engage on this issue — while possibly screwing our opponents in Hollywood — would be a lot more welcomed that you can imagine.   

  2. The Beev is right. I’m a Dem and I’ve seen the same thing. The conventional wisdom is that, in order of effectiveness:

    a handwritten letter
    a typed letter
    a phone call
    an e-mail

    Also, because only a microscopically infinitesimal and vanishingly small number of people actually ever volunteer for political campaigns or party activities (on either side) it is insanely easy to meet and speak in person with your Senators and Representatives -or any other elected official- at any number of house parties, town halls, campaign appearances, etc..

    Being a Dem I rarely see something that looks as beneficial as this copyright position coming from the right -usually there’s something hiding in there that of course, unintentionally,benefits the big guys at the expense of the small. On this one though I’m waiting a bit for a closer reading and more analysis -I’d love to make that phone call in support.

    1. I feel the “Beev” is mistaken in that there is no need to include the part about disagreeing with your member of congress on everything (if you actually do), as it is immaterial to whatever point you are writing about and gives them a nice excuse to disregard the communication. Just a simple letter of support for an item or opposition to an item is all that is required.

      Also, I think you are much better off with a handwritten or typed fax to your congress person’s Washington office. It is my understanding physical mail from the public is still processed for at least 2 weeks before it arrives in their office due to the security it needs to go through after the anthrax attacks.

      A fax has the same effect, but comes out clean and immediately. A quick trip to a copy shop or one of the office supply stores with a service counter can usually get it taken care if you do not have access to a fax machine.

      1. Did not mean to say it was necessary.  One shouldn’t itemize your opposition to your MCs positions, by any stretch, but some folks may feel the need for the throat-clearing.    

  3. Since I am from out of Country i don’t have one of these “Representative” thingys. Are the expensive? Could you post a price list?

    Seriously though, please consider communicating with yours if you have one. 

  4. Is there a way that someone out of US can contact someone relevant?  At the end of the day, I’m Australian, but so often we follow the good ol’ US of A.  I’d rather Australia follow in the footsteps of commonsense and intelligence.  Is there a way that I could say as an Australian that the world is watching and we want to follow in your footsteps when you do the sensible thing?

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