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5 Responses to “DIY laser-cut desktop Marble Machine”

  1. Jacob Ewing says:

     The number of spelling errors in that description is sic-ening.
    Looks like an awesome toy though.

    • Michael Henriksen says:

       Hopefully better now. Note to self: Never write product descriptions at 2 in the morning!

      • whizse says:

        Now you get to boast about having your product descriptions proof-read by a famous sci-fi author! 

        • Michael Henriksen says:


           I hope I can afford his rate. If he would care to get in touch I have a marble machine kit waiting for him.

  2. Amelia_G says:

    Noooo! They accept only PayPal and “cheques”! I wanted to send these kits to the nieces and nephews.