Dog-headed man and other strange encounters

In 1999, a reader of the venerable Fortean Times contacted the editors to report that she had spotted a man with the head of a dog. “He was kind of like a basset hound with long floppy ears," she wrote. Over at the Financial Times, David Sutton, Fortean Times' editor, shares several other reports of delightfully strange encounters. Here's one from 2008:
NewImageOne evening, a confused local in south Wales called 999 to report a “bright, stationary” UFO that had been hovering “in the air” for “at least half an hour”. The police arrived to investigate. The transcript of the ensuing Control Room conversation reads:

Control: “Alpha Zulu 20, this object in the sky, did anyone have a look at it?”

Officer: “Yes. It’s the moon. Over.”

"The List: Strange encounters"


  1. I’ve heard stories of people reporting the moon as a UFO since I was a kid. I can understand people mistaking swamp gas, Venus, and even geese for UFOs, but I always wonder how drunk, stoned, or crazy a person has to be to not recognize the moon.

    1. Since the caller was in Wales, I wonder if their home was so regularly covered in smog that they didn’t know what the moon really looked like

      *has never been to Wales*

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