Fables: Werewolves of the Heartland


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  1. John Fleming says:

    Stories like this are the reason I have a foot and a half of Fables, Jack of Fables, and Cinderella trades on my bookshelf, plus all the individual issues.  Damn you, Willingham!

  2. You’d think that five minutes of research could find out what actual wolf teeth look like. “All canines” is a pretty bad design.

    • John Fleming says:

      First, they’re werewolves.  Who’s to say how the anatomy of a mythical creature might differ from the real version?  The storyteller, that’s who.  Second, these are supposed to be creatures from myths and fairy tales instantiated in the real world.  They’re not so much wolves as a personification of traditional fears about wolves and predators.  Third, artistic license.  Fourth, nyaa nyaa nyaa!

  3. edison_carter says:

    Sounds like Kirsten Bakis’ “Lives of the Monster Dogs”. 

  4. Joseph Sawicki says:

    I have to say, Fables was temporarily ruined for me when 
    Willingham decided to turn the whole series into a hamfisted metaphor for the israel/palestine fiasco, at one point even going so far as to say outright ‘the fables in exile are ISRAELITES! Get it?’ Wouldn’t have been so bad if the mythological representations of palestineans were portrayed as anything besides ideologic robotic clones and literal troll people.Anyway, it gets much better afterward.

  5. kind of has a “I was Savaged by Weasels!”  vibe to it… very nice.

  6. Howard says:

     “Bibgy Wolf”? isn’t it “Bigby Wolf”…. nobody catch that?

  7. Duffong says:

    “Spoiler Alert” could have been a nice couple of words written into the first bits of the article. 

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