Snow White with hand-grenade

Bad Apple is a sculpture and print by Goin and Mighty Jaxx, depicting Snow White cradling a hand-grenade, with a kerchief covering her face, bandit style. The trademark Disney signature logo appears across the kerchief.


ついに情報公開可、期待のBad Apple (via Super Punch)


  1. I find the print quite compelling. The sculpture not so much.  I can only hope she tosses that grenade in the right direction. 

    1. I agree, the sculpture lacks detail.  Then again, you can’t put the print on the dash of your Oldsmobile.

    2. I’m a contrarian, I guess — I preferred the shiny perfection of the statue. It seemed more a Jeff-Koonsy objet, while the print seems to be using even more overly-familiar tropes (grafitti stencils, spray-pain drips, etc.). [EDIT: after posting, I kept reading comments. Ah, yes, plenty of people are picking up on this point.]

      Subject-matter and execution in both media are all referencing layers of other references. I just like the shiny gloss of attempted perfection — it seems to match up more with the Disney sheen, yet contrast with the twist of the grenade.

      Do like the detail on the mask in the print, however.

  2. As with the Mickey Mouse graffiti posted earlier today, this shows the trend we’ve been seeing for quite a while now. Very Juxtapoz. 

    1.  Yeah, Juxtapoz and Hi Fructose and Adbusters have been covering this for years, and now we’re seeing the gentrification of it. In another year or three, there will be a “reaction” to this aesthetic and the philosophies behind it.

      1.  > In another year or three, there will be a “reaction” to this aesthetic and the philosophies behind it.

        Soon please. Commodified transgression is an easy formula.

        1. If there was a formula for commodifying transgression, don’t you think governments would have absorbed it by now?

          Just because something happened, doesn’t mean it was easy, or repeatable.

    2.  Well,the trend of bending Disney goes back at least 30 years. Although the distribution channels were different back then, I remember being shocked (and educated) as a teenager in a tourist shop in San Francisco by a detailed and very explicit poster on the back wall depicting all of Walt’s creatures doing sex in ways I had never up to that point even imagined… Probably available on e-bay now for many bucks…

  3. I like it, but 150 Euros? Maaaaaaan….

  4. I really like it, besides a cool mash up, it has a compelling pose.  I think it would resonate with feminist of the radical pink and black variety if only the prints were about have the asking price.  Nice work though for sure.

  5. Mashup du jour; nothing more revolutionary than two great tastes that go sort of OK together. Ooh, let’s do Woody with the lower-face Guy Fawkes/V for Vendetta bandanna tomorrow!

  6. I’m guessing that if you bought one of these and tried to get on a plane the TSA would bust your ass for being a trrrrrrrorrrist!

  7. and yet… and yet….. these ain’t big-eyed crying Keene kids, are they?

    Or are they just our sad clowns, hanging above our sofas?

    Or are they…. velvet bullfighters, with just a tiny dash of something other, that imperceptible ort of change that says “yeah, yeah, I’m making you comfortable but still making you think. on the weekend. for a couple of seconds.”

    A couple of seconds more than before….

  8. I think it’s a nice play on the evil queen with Snow White’s Heart (or the heart fo a deer) in a box. Like – this is what happens when you mistreat your stepdaughter – bitch! 

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