The climate change generation gap


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  1. ChicagoD says:

    Well, you might have, but the Earth didn’t. Right? That is the fundamental fallacy of the deniers. When it’s snowing WHERE THEY ARE they take it as proof that there is no global warming.

    • MatthewFabb says:

      Yeah, locally they might see a colder month in their area, but world wide the last below-average month was on February 1985. As many put it, there is a reason why it’s called *global* warming and no say United States warming. If it’s colder in few areas and still warmer everywhere else in the world and the overall temperature is still higher, then you are still experiencing global warming.

  2. Stefan Jones says:

    This is only convincing if you believe in things like “thermometers” and “record keeping.”

    When will learn that the only reliable source of information on climate facts are talking points from Citizens for Affordable Energy?*

    * A joint subsidiary of Leviathan Petroleum and Morloch Arctic Land Investments Trust.

  3. Donald Petersen says:

    Conversely, if you’re older than 28, you officially possess license to regale your juniors with tales of trudging to school in hip-deep snow, back when it really was uphill both ways.

    If you aren’t already, that is.

    • Stefan Jones says:


      Man, we dreamed of hip deep snow.

      We were lucky if one of the kids in the group was tall enough to see over the top of the snow as we plowed our way through it. But not so tall that the wolves could see the top of his head and come after us.

      • Lexicat says:

        One of the kids could see… oh you had it easy. We had burrow into encroaching glaciers as the summer equinox approached just to have a chance of observing The Annual Lightening of the Ice Overhead, and of course we had to burrow back through again. Double-quick, too. Providence help those poor souls who took too long to reach our geothermal oases on the dig back down.

    • soylent_plaid says:

       Bah!  Luxury!  Snow was up to my neck, when I was a lad!  And I had to trudge uphill 40 miles to school, and then to the coal mine, and then home, in neck-deep snow, 40 miles each way, in our bare feet over broken glass, uphill the whole way.  Lived in a giant Penrose stair, I did!  And we liked it that way!

  4. Oh you sweet summer children…

  5. mehori says:

    This is a very misleading statement mixing “global average temperature” and “local temperature”.

    Forbes has a good summary of it.

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