American Ass. of Publishers trying to sabotage copyright treaty for blind and disabled people


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  1. Christ, what a bunch of monsters.

  2. Boundegar says:

    Yea, you give those blind folks one inch and you’ll open wide the floodgates of Chinese piracy.  In fact, I wonder if there’s a reason a pirate wears an eyepatch.  Just coincidence?

  3. s2redux says:

    A most affective abbreviation for “association” there; well played!

  4. Erasorhed says:

    I know a few people who are vision-impaired or blind, and they have to go above-and-beyond what normally-sighted people need to do, in order to get access to books they can use (audiobooks, large-print books or e-books). 
    I take it for granted that I don’t need to go so far just to get information or read a story. The fact that the publishers lobbyists consider this treaty a “trophy” is offensive and demeaning to blind and vision-impaired people.

  5.  Well *obviously* the blind people are just going to turn around and pirate these audio books on the internet.  After all the text/image based web is  a really friendly easy to use environment for Blind people.  Besides, god is apparently punishing them with blindness for something so we shouldn’t do anything to make life easier for them.

    • elleesttrois says:

      They’d have issues doing that (I know you’re being sarcastic). But the machines they use for access aren’t set up to torrent. 


  6. Steve Miller says:

    Shall we just refer to these goons as “The Association of American Punishers”? ‘Cause they obviously feel it’s sinful to be blind or disabled…

  7. sockdoll says:


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