Combat Kitchenware: a frypan with a sword hilt


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  1. Andrea says:

    Frying Pan of Doom!

  2. Christopher says:

    So instead of “This is your brain on drugs” it’s “This is your brain on a broadsword”.

  3. otherthings says:

    This would be perfect for whipping up a little vegan pad thai!

  4. hymenopterid says:

    The (g)riddle of steel.  This you can trust.

  5. Matt Grimm says:

    Finally, a new Demoman weapon.

  6. Ushao says:

    I think it’s safe to say I need this.

  7. Gutierrez says:

    I couldn’t articulate it until now, but this is what my kitchen was missing,
    Thus I shall begin my quest for the +5 Holy Non-stick Avenger.

  8. Donald Petersen says:

    If I may be assured that I don’t need to fry five-pound Great Auk eggs in the skillet to keep the weight of the hilt from tipping the pan over, then I will merrily place an order for two.

  9. Tarliman says:

    This is in Herndon, VA, which is a suburb of Washington DC. I wonder if any of my friends up that way know this guy? If so, why the hell haven’t they told me about him previously? Why did I have to find out about this level of awesomeness from BoingBoing instead of being clued in by the people I know personally? Isn’t that what friends do? Tell you about awesome stuff? Geez guys, way to let me down. Now I have to go order this on Kickstarter instead of getting hooked up through a friend like I really ought to.

  10. Baron Matthews says:

    Rapunzel would be happy with this, as would Maximus.  

  11. Florian Bösch says:

    Because… LARPers and obsessive Skyrim players wouldn’t know how to cook otherwise. “What is this? It is a pot with a thing sticking out. What’s it good for? It doesn’t look like a handle, it has no hilts, no leather, I can’t grab that! Oooohhhhhh there’s a kickstarter for that.”

    • bzishi says:

      Bah! You don’t know what you are talking about. You can get a trophy or achievement in Skyrim for cooking. Just remember that you also need to chop wood and mine some ore.

  12. DevinC says:

    Every once in a while I see a gadget on BoingBoing that makes me want to leave my whole life behind, spend a couple of decades learning the arts of filmmaking and Hollywood asskissing, and then raise a couple of million dollars to make an indie film, just so I could have a character using that gadget in the movie. 

  13. OK, I’ll be the naysayer who asks, why Teflon? I would be on board if it were cast iron.

  14. Kent Horvath says:

    I’ll have Eggs-calibur, please. (ducks)

  15. Alan Goulding says:

    The pan is mightier than the sword?

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