The Velveteen Rabbi wrote a beautiful piece, in the form of a psalm, for The Children of Abraham / Ibrahim. Snip: "For every toddler in his mother's arms / behind rubble of concrete and rebar / For every child who's learned to distinguish / "our" bombs from "their" bombs by sound..." (via @ethanz)

3 Responses to “For the children of Gaza and Israel”

  1. Stickarm says:

    It is a nice sentiment, but, to paraphrase Tyler Durden, I’m wondering if another amen is the answer we really need.

  2. olr says:

    According to the children of Abraham he heard a voice telling him to kill his child, assuming this voice to belong to some deity he set about doing so, this sets the tone for the children of Abraham’s story of their gods. ¬†Hiding evil in velveteen beauty does not make it less evil, just more dangerous.

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