Miles Davis vs. LCD Soundsystem

Miles Davis vs. LCD Soundsystem. Uploader Alessandro Grespan says, "No editing or other tricks, just 2 youtube videos played at the same time."


  1. This “Miles Davis” asshole better not try to make any money off this unauthorized adaptation. 

    When will these moochers learn to respect original artists’ rights? Do you think it’s cheap to keep LCD Soundsystem in LCD soundsystems?!

  2. Cool!  Just wondering if anyone has independently confirmed that this is wasn’t edited in anyway.  It almost seems too perfect a fit.

  3. meh, “Dark Side of the Wizard of OZ” effect? it works, except when it doesn’t. :)  good find, though!

  4. Hate to be that guy but there IS editing. He chose to start the Miles Davis clip 32 secs into the LCD song.
    He also skips back in the miles davis clip to match with the end of the LCD soundsystem song.
    And all throughout he’s fudging with the volume on both of them.
    “Dark side of the wizard of oz” effect aside, this clip works BECAUSE of all the tricks and editing.

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