One of the missing characters from The Walking Dead comics is coming to the show [SPOILERS]

Exciting news for Walking Dead fans who have been crossing their fingers for characters from the comics to show up, because that is exactly what is going to happen. I'll keep the name of said character until after the jump, but what I will say is that there have been two characters on the show from the beginning who had, up until this announcement, seemed like the logical "replacements." But deep down, we all knew there was a missing piece. Follow us inside to find out who is finally joining the survivors!

One last warning about the new/old character...


Good. You've been warned. It's Tyreese! The former NFL player with the frisky daughter (and her boyfriend) who had joined Rick Grimes and Friends very early on in Robert Kirkman's comics will be played by Chad Coleman from The Wire. No word yet on when, exactly, Coleman's first appearance will be or if he'll be accompanied by the rest of his family. The news was first reported by TVOvermind, which also reported the upcoming return ("from a distance") of the character Morgan, played by Lennie James.

This is pretty exciting news, especially now that we know Carol is back and Michonne has found the prison. In the comics, Tyreese started a relationship with Carol, then made a little time for Michonne. Carol did not take it well, but in the comics, Carol also proposed a three-way marriage with Lori and Rick. That, clearly, will not be happening, unless it happens with Michonne and Tyreese, or Michonne and Daryl, or Daryl and Tyreese... but enough speculating about the hot, hot polygamy action. Tyreese is about to show up, and he is a pretty kickass guy!

Photo credit (Chad Coleman): Outside The Wire

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  1. Sometime in 2009, either when I first watched The Wire, or maybe when I played Left 4 Dead 2 (he does a voice in the game), I decided that Chad Coleman would make an awesome Tyreese, if they ever made a Walking Dead TV show or movie. 

    This is really good news for fans of the comic. I know he’ll make an awesome Tyrese. I hope the writers give him the character he deserves.

  2. (Comic spoilers ahoy)

    Maybe they’ll do the opposite of his story from the comics.  He starts out with the Governor, and then gets his head on straight and joins the regular group.

  3. This is weird – when I first caught a glimpse of one of the Governor’s henchmen from behind (the one who follows Andrea and Michonne around the first couple of days), I thought “That has to be Chad Coleman”. I was so disappointed when it wasn’t. Looks like I win.

  4. Yes. Yeeeees. Tyreese was easily my favorite character from the comics. His epic battle in the basketball court? The time he sent a certain someone over a second story ledge? His diminutive weapon of choice? Even when ______’s _______ is used to ______ him? (Mad Libs everybody!) I couldn’t be happier about this development.

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