72-year-old man models for granddaughter's teen girl fashion store


Above is Liu Xianping, 72, who models clothes for Yuekou, a fashion retailer owned by his granddaughter Lv Ting. “He picked up one piece and tried to give some advice on how to mix and match. We thought it was fun so we started shooting," Lv Ting said in China Newsweek. (Offbeat China and MSN)


  1. ‘Now I’m tellin’ everybody
    It seems too good to be true:
    Sweet things can always get sweeter.
    I know mine did, how about you?
    Yes, it’s alright.
    I said, yes it is, that’s alright.
    I may not want to admit it,
    I’m just a fool for your stockings I believe.’

    ‘A Fool For Your Stockings’ – ZZ Top

  2. This seems like a much healthier outlet for the “I’m old and I have stopped caring what you think” tendencies than the man I saw saw yelling at the bank teller for asking him how much money was in his disorganized sack of cash he wanted to deposit.

  3. Man, he completely owns that. Backs up my long held belief that the real key to looking like you’re rocking whatever you’re wearing is looking like you believe bone deep that you are rocking what you’re wearing. It’s a trick I don’t manage in jeans and a t-shirt, let alone ensembles.

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