Art installation with thousands of white balloons


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  1. Those ain’t balloons, Pesco…

  2. avoision says:

    Martin Creed, who is currently holding a yearlong residency at MCA Chicago, had a similar piece recently entitled “Half the Air in a Given Space.”

    There were four locations scattered around Chicago, but by the time I learned about it the one with the red balloons was the only spot still open. Some photos/videos I took (disclaimer: self-link):

    • ohbejoyful says:

       Thanks for the pointer, Felix. Great site! I have just gotten completely immersed in your writing and your projects.

  3. Clemens Steinkogler says:

    this photo was taken in the austrian parliament in vienna :o)

  4. Artist and musician Hadrian Micciche’s’ art piece “Pin-Striped Suit” makes ironic use of thousands of pins, sticking pointed end out of every square inch of a pin-striped suit. Wearing the suit, he will dash about madly, wildly flailing his arms, hurling his body to-and-fro, popping as many balloons as he can in a short but explosive run through the “Scattered Crowd” installation.

    OK, maybe I won’t. But its fun to imagine.

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