Copyright troll tries to use TorrentFreak to intimidate victims, TorrentFreak changes the site to empower them to resist trolling

Prena Law, a notorious porno copyright troll sent out a blackmail letter to victims that included the URL of a TorrentFreak article describing one of the rare cases in which someone stood up to a troll and lost. TorrentFreak felt that this was misleading, and resented being used as part of a sleazy scheme, so they replaced the article with a page explaining how copyright trolls work, and how to defend yourself against them.

Porno copyright trolls are companies that sends out legal threats to people, claiming they were downloading porn with embarrassing titles and demanding money not to permanently associate their names with porn by naming them in lawsuits. Thousands and thousands of people have been victimized by them.

We redirected the URL referenced by Prenda to a page with information about these mass-BitTorrent lawsuits.

So, instead of being scared by an article about a $1.5 million judgment, Internet bill payers can inform themselves about the steps they can take to respond to the settlement letter.

The page in question explains that increasingly judges are condemning the practices of copyright trolls, and that many mass lawsuits have been thrown out. Just recently a judge designated Prenda’s ways as a “bad faith effort,” and dismissed one of their mass-BitTorrent lawsuits.

In addition to some much-needed balance we also included links to attorneys who are familiar with these lawsuits, plus links to other useful resources. Hopefully, this will enable a few of the victims to respond properly and resolve the matter without having to pay up.

TorrentFreak Trolls a Copyright Troll


  1. typo – Prena Law
    But then I thought their whole name was a typo, I call them Pretenda Law.  (They only pretend to practice the law)

    But lets call them who they really are John Steele and Co.  Crappy divorce lawyer gone copyright troll who is having several of his cases detonate on the docket as we speak.  Seems suing people for copyright violations when your client does not and could not own those copyrights might not sit well with the courts.  I think that might be called fraud, but I’m not a lawyer… just smarter than the average copyright troll.

    On another note if you find yourself targeted by these or any other Copyright Troll (there are so many) I suggest some very good resources to get educated.  run by the always lovely Sophisticated Jane Doe.  run by, shockingly enough, DieTrollDie.

    These 2 blogs are by no means the end all be all for information, but damn close.  There is a large community of people targeted by these trolls and there is much information and support available.  They even let me hang out there and post, so they have to be good.

    I’m TAC and I approve this message.

  2. “demanding money not to permanently associate their names with porn by naming them in lawsuits”

    Except they put peoples names on their website multiple times, sometimes before there was a case naming them.
    You’d think the bar, courts, ethical oversight type might have a problem with that…  but funny no one has said anything about it.  Saying they are a defendant might be okies, but flat out calling people infringers based on the evidence provided by someone who gets money based on the number of settlements seems ripe for abuse.

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