Exploded view record player t-shirt


10 Responses to “Exploded view record player t-shirt”

  1. Mark Dow says:

    Shopped. What does the shirt look like?

  2. $19428857 says:

    That’s a Thorens TD-160 turntable pictured, I think. A very good turntable, and now an amusing shirt.

  3. chicken says:

    Dang, I wanted an LP12

  4. I’d buy this if it were a cutaway of the Garrard 301 I am currently refurbishing. That way I could just look down at my shirt as I worked on the turntable.

  5. hugh crawford says:

    I got a Thorens like the one on the shirt in 1974. A great turntable other than the fact that Thorens went out of business and the rubber belts are kind of hard to get.

  6. Jesseham says:

    I wanted to post a link to Oddica’s exploded boombox, but it looks like they’re long gone.  That’s a shame. 

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