Exploded view record player t-shirt


This fantastic record player exploded view t-shirt is available for $22.50 from ShanaLogic, who of course is also a beloved sponsor of the site you are currently reading. (But this post isn't at her urging -- I just dig the design.) "Vinyl Turntable Explosion Diagram T-shirt"


    1. That was my guess:  I own a TD160, and the knobs & Az-El tone arm mount are a little different.  Maybe there are year-by-year variations, or maybe this was a drawing, not intended to be dead-on accurate representations of some pieces. Certainly the turntable parts & belt drive line up.

  1. I got a Thorens like the one on the shirt in 1974. A great turntable other than the fact that Thorens went out of business and the rubber belts are kind of hard to get.

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