Hacker steals entire nation's identity


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  1. Am I a bad person for praying it’s some Turkish immigrant kid, and tomorrow morning every single member of the Golden Dawn will be penniless?

  2. Eric Riley says:

    We all know it was Carmen SanDiego.

  3. IamInnocent says:

    Unfortunately for him, the credit cards of every Greek are all maxed out.

  4. Funk Daddy says:

    Naw dawg, it was a Greek hacker so they all cool with their entire country’s identity, it’s just going to be a bit o’ mix n’ match on names and shit fo while

  5. L_Mariachi says:

    Why don’t the same objections to calling copyright violations “theft” appertain to “identity theft?”

    • tré says:

       Because making Lil’ Wayne wait a few more iTunes downloads to add on to his summer home is different than using 3 year old Zakos’ identity to take out loans in a collapsing economy.

    • Eric Rucker says:

      Because identity theft actually deprives access to things that your identity can be used to get. You can’t just make another copy of your identity, your identity is damaged.

      • L_Mariachi says:

        Still, illicitly obtaining personal information is not the same thing as using that information to engage in fraud. It’s not theft until you use the obtained identity to, say, get a replacement bank card and empty the victim’s checking account.

        • dragonfrog says:

          If the identities were obtained fraudulently in the first place, I don’t know that you would need plans to engage in further fraud.

          • ocker3 says:

             People willing to go to the first step are usually planning to go to the second, and it Certainly makes it easier for someone else to do it.

  6. DevinC says:

    I wondered if something was up.  In the past two days I’ve received spam email from alcibiades@greekmail.com (who wanted to sell me his secrets to picking up women), s1syphus@rockbottom.com (who wants me to hold on to ten million drachmas until he can get out of whatever it is he’s doing right now), pythag0raz (some kind of bean-worshipping cult) and priapus@olympus.com (…guess.)  

  7. Tribune says:

    All your greeks are belong to us?

  8. My Greek colleague spotted this gem on another news site:

    “how could this have happened!!?!??!oneone”
    “I have a theory: Username – “admin”, password – “password”

  9. oriste says:

    In a country where we don’t know how many civil (?) servants we have to a few hundred thousand close, 9 million is just an abstract arbitrary figure that can represent any value between 9 and what you people know as 9,000,000. Don’t fret too much over it. Peace. 

  10. chris jimson says:

    “If You’re Greek, Someone Probably Just Stole Your Identity.”
    Well, in a country with a long history of classical philosophers, this should add some needed grist to the mill of the age old question “who am I anyway?”

  11. Ryan Lenethen says:

    Not to worry, its not worth anything…

  12. donpdonp says:

    Someone keeps ‘stealing the identity’ of my entire city, printing it on thin yellow paper, binding it, and leaving it on my doorstep!

  13. He was not a hacker… Just someone who paid for information from the national tax system. Inside job, the old fashioned way.

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