Weev convicted: court finds "iPad hacker" guilty of breaching AT&T site


2 Responses to “Weev convicted: court finds "iPad hacker" guilty of breaching AT&T site”

  1. signsofrain says:

    So they want to make security research and publication of results illegal. All that will mean is more unreported exploits in the wild. It would be a huge victory for black hats.

    • That_Anonymous_Coward says:

      but but but those poor corporations need to be protected from those evil hacker types who just want to make people safer.  We can’t expect companies to spend their money on making sure information they hold is secure, that is madness!
      And he publicly embarrassed them so they deserve more!
      Like the guy who tried to explain to IIRC Amex their system was flawed, worked like hell to inform them, and then they sent a bill to him.

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