Be thankful for turkey cooking patents


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  1. Conan Librarian says:


    • warcaster says:

      Homecooking is LITERALLY like stealing food from a restaurant.

      Those pirate home-cookers are putting people out of jobs in the restaurant industry. I suggest 5-10 years jail time for anyone caught cooking at home, and that all stores selling food for home-cooking customers should be shut down immediately with no due process!

      And if that doesn’t work, as a final solution, I suggest a 6-strike plan to “educate” people that home-cooking is wrong and everyone should be buying from restaurants. Otherwise who knows what kind of immoral society we’ll turn into!

      And by the way, these are 100% my original ideas, and I wasn’t inspired by anything when creating them. Hmm..I should probably patent them.

  2. Funk Daddy says:

    I like turkey but a recipe to make it simulate BBQ Pork would cause me to love turkey. Think I’ll try this next TG.

  3. Roger Wagner says:

    Imagine if they decided to extend the lifespan of patents to “70 years after the death of the author” as has been done with copyrights.  The purpose of both patents and copyrights is to grant a LIMITED time period of monopoly in EXCHANGE for giving it back to the public in a reasonable amount of time.  My own opinion is that copyrights have broken the social contract, and are no longer valid. As bad as patents are, at least they expire.

  4. Daniel Ewing says:

    someone patented a new cut of beef recently.
    Or is attempting to anyway.

  5. Timothy Helmuth says:

    The planet money episode about patenting that new cut of beef Daniel Ewing mentioned is pretty excellent

  6. Stefan Jones says:


  7. Bruce Miller says:

    America has the firepower to cook every turkey on earth many times over!

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