Church tower holds tons of pigeon crap

"A hatch on a Swedish church tower inadvertently left open for some three decades resulted in 2 tons of pigeon droppings amassing in the tower." [Yahoo News]


    1. It was common in Europe, too, although here the pigeons were held for other reasons as well (food, sport).

  1. here in Toronto we have a former railway station (Summerhill) that was converted to a full service liquor store a few years ago.  The clock tower was a full-on hazmat situation due to bat guano and bird droppings, accumulated over several decades of abandonment.  The poop was a foot deep in places.  Just amazing.  9000 lbs was removed, apparently.  

    1. Do you remember that the clock was missing from the top of that tower, and is now there again, and working? I remember reading that no one knew where the missing parts of the clock were, until they cleaned out the bird droppings and found them buried under it. (If someone could confirm that story it would be great).

  2.  Churches pigeonhole on a massive scale. 
    Have you heard about this church’s child abusing priests? 
    No?  See it worked. 

    Interestingly, Heliga Trefaldighets Kyrka in Gävle, Sweden looks entirely different from the picture in the article. 

  3. Very nice of the article to warn the reader against the poisonous effects of breathing pigeon shit fungus. Knowing is half the battle.

  4. I’m imagining the discovery involving a really gross version of that scene in “The Trouble with Tribbles” where Kirk opens the overhead hatch on the space station.

  5. What’s the difference except now they are shoveling sh*t in the top of the tower as well as the bottom?

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