Postcard arrives 69 years late

A postcard, mailed in 1943, arrived at its New York destination this week. [Elmira Star Gazette]
The postcard, sent July 4, 1943, from Rockford, Ill., was intended for Pauline and Theresa Leisenring, who once lived in the home along Bridgman Street in Elmira [and] reads: “Dear Pauline and Theresa, We arrived safe, had a good trip, but we were good and tired. Geo. looks good, we all went out to dinner today (Sunday). Now we are in the park. Geo has to go back to Grant at 12 o’clock tonight. Do not see much of him. We are going to make pancakes for Geo for supper tonight. See you soon. Love Mother, Dad.”


  1. For anyone who wants to know but is just slightly lazier than I am, it works out to about 0.001224 miles per hour.  

    1. I can actually kind of beat that. Back in the early 1980s I mailed a check to pay a local department store credit card bill. I was working at a local college, and the mailroom had a tray for outgoing mail where you could just put stamped mail. About seven years later, I was still working there when I got some unexpected internal mail. It turned out that the mailroom was being renovated and they found my credit card payment that had somehow become wedged between the counter and the wall. Inside the larger envelope was an “explanation” from the mailroom, and my original envelope.

      So, after seven years it had never even left the building.

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