Postcard arrives 69 years late


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  1. Gary Schafer says:

    Er, um, unless you’re using the new “new math”, I think the headline should be “arrived almost *70* years late”.  2012-1943 = 69 ~= 70.

  2. Conan Librarian says:

    Too bad my own postcard I sent myself in the future is yet to arrive. 

  3. Jorpho says:

    The link says, “Story Not Found”.

    Perhaps it will turn up seventy years from now.

  4. DevinC says:

    For anyone who wants to know but is just slightly lazier than I am, it works out to about 0.001224 miles per hour.  

    • mr_bloo_sky says:

      I can actually kind of beat that. Back in the early 1980s I mailed a check to pay a local department store credit card bill. I was working at a local college, and the mailroom had a tray for outgoing mail where you could just put stamped mail. About seven years later, I was still working there when I got some unexpected internal mail. It turned out that the mailroom was being renovated and they found my credit card payment that had somehow become wedged between the counter and the wall. Inside the larger envelope was an “explanation” from the mailroom, and my original envelope.

      So, after seven years it had never even left the building.

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