Steampunk's Guide to Sex

Margaret Killjoy sez, "We just got A Steampunk's Guide to Sex back from the printer! With contributions by Alan Moore, Molly Crabapple, and Professor Calamity, the book covers all kinds of crazy Victorian sexuality as well as ideas about steampunk and geek sexuality in the 21st century. It comes complete with sketchy DIY how-tos and is illustrated by original tintypes."

Prostitution, pornography, sex toys, dirty stories, BDSM, gay New York, can-can dancers, strippers, tight-laced corsets, prudery, polyamory, consent, venereal diseases, piercings, birth control, aphrodisiacs, creepers, floggers, steam-powered vibrators, sex slang—mad historian Professor Calamity and his assembled crew of steampunk authors, artists, and performers share everything you want to know, and more, about sex under the reign of Victoria and sex in our modern subculture. Featuring contributions by: Professor Calamity, Luna Celeste, Molly Crabapple, KC Crowell, O.M. Grey, Sarah Hunter (aka Lady Clankington), Margaret Killjoy, Canis Latrans, Talloolah Love, Screaming Mathilda, Alan Moore, Miriam Roček, J.I. Wittstein.

A Steampunk's Guide to Sex


    1. Eh. If you’re reasonably attractive, any subculture is a pretty good place to get laid, since you’re surrounded by people as crazy as you are.

      1. No, you are both incorrect. It is a nattily dressed Calliope player and a gaggle of gender-fluid polyamorous lasses, at least one of whom wears a monocle. Plus some dust.

    1. Barry White?  Trying to hard.  “Oooh baby, I wanna be your everything”.
      Marvin Gaye is the man.  Sade ain’t too shabby either.
      In fact, Sade is the fucking bomb for fucking.

      1. Yes. I was positioning at the extremes, with Barry “take it all off” White.

        “Let’s Get It On” is aural lubrication.

        Al Green can do a number, too.

        Sade? You save her up, for when you’re in L-O-V-E !

      1. At 160 pages I’d definitely be more likely to buy a copy, for sure :)  But amazon is saying it’s 108 pages.  Might wanna let ’em know they’re wrong, if so.  Good luck with the book :)

  1. That  Margaret Killjoy is a real downer, man.  Plus… I can’t wait to see what they mean by “gay New York”, how does THAT fit in with the whole Steampunk thingiedoodle?

  2. “Hold on one second. I’ve got to get the hydraulics to work. Oh, and you might want to put on those welding goggles I gave you.”

  3. Unless it involves gluing a shitload of cogs and watches to your dick I don’t want to hear about it.

    If it does, I’ll take a dozen copies!

  4. For what it’s worth, I had absolutely fabulous sexual congress this early afternoon, with an actual person..and it was mutually beneficial.

    No unnecessary adjuncts or additives were put into play.

    (OK: Kleenex.  Kleenex is helpful.  And a glass of water for post-coital hydration…)

    But shouldn’t sex be a journey, an adventure?  Two (or more) people exhibiting the fundamental reason for existence…whilst accumulating orgasms along the way…

    Following in the footsteps of others might be useful for some…but while I have no truck with this book (I like books! I like sex!)…I do have one issue:

    Hydraulic fluid has No Place in the bedroom!

  5. i’m not sure what steampunk sex is…but i’m fairly certain it involves lots of gears, aviator goggles, a gas mask, an old typewriter, and a bunch of brown leather and brass.

  6. A quick google image search of steampunk porn (filters off) yields a great deal about lady clangkington -aka ‘nicotine’.  check out the guy in the white pith helmet. jeezus it’s horrifying!  the egos are astounding!

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