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9 Responses to “Apps for Kids podcast on CNN”

  1. lishevita says:

    Jane, you are awesome and so well composed in front of those cameras. And Mark, you absolutely deserve to be as proud as you look. :) High fives to you both.

  2. Mark_Frauenfelder says:

    Thanks lishevita!

  3. Bob Knetzger says:

    Mark and Jane, you guys make a great team!  Nicely done.

  4. Aaron Swain says:

    Great job! I was pleasantly surprised to hear the NPR interview the other day.

  5. Good job. Great poise by Jane being on-air live. 

  6. Jack Feerick says:

    Lookin’ good, there, “Mike.”

  7. haineux says:

    And super-congratulations to CNN for screwing up your name! But those top-10 popular names all sound alike, no?

  8. Her first satellite media tour. Awwwwww

  9. taghag says:

    dynamic duo!

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