Donald Trump's 50 stupidest tweets gathers "either the best of the best or the worst of the worst" of Donald Trump's tweets. (via Foster Kamer)


    1. Mighta read more if they put five or ten tweet per slide, but fifty is just ridiculous.  I would really like to read the dumbest, but not for fifty clicks.

    2. It wouldn’t be bad if the page did not have a billion buttons and other elements that it reloads ever single fucking slide. 

  1. None. They’re all fucking stupid borderline racist claims about Obama designed to appeal to ignorant right wing idiots. Part of a seemingly endless stream of such trash, issued without even the most basic passing critical analysis as part of a doomed, cynical campaign that couldn’t sustain the massive weight of the ego that originated it, and embarrasses itself as it lumbers on.

    Hope that clears that up for you.

  2. OK, media savvy people, is there a way to make this happen?

    Somewhere in NBC’s vaults, there is video of an appearance Trump made on the Tonight Show that needs to make the rounds.

    It was shortly after Princess/Lady Diana’s death, late 1997 or so. Trump and Jay Leno were talking, and the subject of Diana’s death came up.

    Trump weighed in, saying, It was a shame she died, because, actually, she was a very attractive woman, and he would have liked to have gone out with her.

    In the brief silence that followed, you could feel the wave of “eww” wash over the crowd, while Leno quickly glanced about, trying to find a quick way to redirect the discussion from this… awkwardness.

    (I didn’t hallucinate or invent this memory, though the exact wording may be a bit off after – criminy – 15 years. But it’d be nice to get out there, just to remind people that Drumpf wasn’t previously a stellar dude who was driven mad by Barack; he’s *always* been that self-absorbed, slimy putz.)

    1. As I recall it, the eww-inducing part of his remark was that he regretted not being able to “date” her, with the implication of using the ol’ Trump Tower for some bumpity-grindy.

  3. I want a picture of young Donald and young Barack kicking the home-made soccer-ball around the yam field in Kenya.

    1. Dunno, but I assume it’s the same middle name possessed by Bullwinkle J. Moose, Homer J. Simpson, and Elmer J. Fudd, Millionaire.

        1. Which was a tribute to Rocket J. Squirrel and Bullwinkle J. Moose’s creator, Jay Ward. Because of that, I use J when referring to anyone’s middle initial.

  4. For me, Trump is well into the “stop feeding the senile troll” region. He’s a rich idiot. That isn’t news; it’s barely interesting.

    1. If Trump was just a senile troll then this would not be interesting. He is a very rich and influential senile troll, and people ought to know. You are right, though, it is hardly edifying reading.

      Whatever happened to “a fool and his money…”? 

      1. That fool and his money (or rather, other people’s money) have been parted multiple times.  He’s turned cheating vendors AND filing bankruptcy into art forms.

  5. Of course, Twitter encourages vapidity. For years people complained about the media’s brainless use of sound bites – then Twitter turned the sin into a virtue.

    1. It is not twitter that is vapid it is Trump, go read Neil deGrasse Tyson’s feed for comparison. Twitter is like alcohol, it lowers the barriers of revealing ones true thoughts, and his are horrible.

  6. Honestly, I’m not really blown away by this list.  I mean, is quoting Benjamin Franklin or Abraham Lincoln really that dumb?  And honestly, the least dumb one is the one where he says that drinking diet soda makes people hungrier.  He didn’t cite them, but there are studies which back up that claim very specifically, so there wasn’t really anything dumb about that one.  Most of the 50, though, are just egotism rather than stupidity.  I mean, I suppose you could argue that egotism is a particular form of stupidity, but reading them doesn’t really make me say “this guy is dumb”.  They more make me say “this guy is deluded.”

    1.  dumb != stupid

      They’re correlated, but they aren’t the same, and some of the smartest, cleverest people around can still be dumb as a box of rocks given the right opportunity.

      Also, context matters, and these tweets have been shorn of pretty much all context. I expect at least some of them would come across a lot dumber given the context.

      1. Donald Trump is a very smart man! I know this because he says so all the time to anyone who will listen. Or in my case, anyone who accidentally falls within earshot of a “news” broadcast featuring his statements.

    2. Like most people, I ain’t gonna click 50 times on that site, but I have hate-followed him on Twitter for some time now. His tweets go beyond dumb to a level that suggests he doesn’t have complete control of his faculties.  Like a lot of famous ‘tycoons’ he exhibits all kinds of traits that suggest a degree of lunacy and an *extreme* lack of self-awareness.  Most of the things he quotes are obviously what he imagines are references to his own personal success (and superiority) despite him having inherited his wealth and already lost it once. There’s just a complete lack of shame or acknowledgment of extreme hypocrisy. I won’t even go into the craziness that’s exhibited in his political tweets, and they ARE crazy. Rupert Murdoch’s are similar in this respect, although not as extremely narcissistic as Trump’s.

  7. BoingBoing editorial staff: please offer us readers the courtesy of noting, in the link, that you’re sending us to a gallery.  Save many us of the time of clicking.

  8. The first two weren’t stupid enough to entice me to spend more time waiting for page loads. Does this say something about how high the bar is now set for web design? Or how contemptibly low my expectations are for the swill out of Donald Attention-Troll Trump?

  9. Everyone else has already noted the click bait in the form of slide show but if you want to gauge the extent of incompetence of that Complex website (a misnomer if there ever was one), check the post they made about the Soul Train awards. They embedded 10 videos and set them on autoplay… simultaneously. This site deserves to disappear from the internet and certainly should not be linked to in order to contribute to their profits.

  10. Horrible site design aside, I like how he says Obama didn’t kill Bin Laden, the Seals did. OK, fine. Technicality, but still. Couple of clicks later, he says he keeps the brass in his atrium clean twice a month. Does he do that, or does he have someone else do it for him?

  11. Trump embodies everything the right wing wants to be. Trump/Cain 2016! Or is that too much megalomania for one ticket?

    1.  Two nuts in a pod…

      Cain just posted this morning about the existence of “classes” being a fabrication by liberals. His posts are almost as funny (insane) as Trump’s.

        1. Well you know, since there aren’t any classes, why should the majority of the population be upset that wealth is being extracted by a tiny percentage of that population!  I think that’s what Cain was getting at.

  12. But he is rich (starting with his dad’s fortune) and been moderately successful so that makes him better than the rest of us, right?

    This type of thinking is guaranteed to pop up in the comments of any news article about Trump.

  13. How many tweets has Trump ever made? X? then this could simply be a listing of the X dumbest things Trump has tweeted, which would then double as a list of the X dumbest things ever put on the Internet. He’s multi-purpose like that….

  14. Donald Trump has a tinyface:

    And a bald head:


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