Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer gala party on Mayan Doomsday at Boston's Torrent Engine 18


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  1. Tribune says:

    the linked site says it will NOT take place at the firehall (contrary to title – consistent with text of entry)

  2. Thank you Cory for posting this–we are so excited to unleash a gala of Lovecraftian proportions!

  3. mostlyh2o says:

    It continues to amaze me that intelligent people believe, not that the Mayan Doomsday will happen, but that the Mayan calendar even prophesies Doomsday at all. It doesn’t. December 12, 2012 is merely the odometer clicking around to zero. The car doesn’t disintegrate when that happens.

    • retchdog says:

      it’s a cultural reference, however lame. people don’t really believe that cats ask for cheeseburgers in stilted baby-speak either.

  4. E. Stephen Curator says:

    How do you know what my car might do if it (miraculously) reached one million miles?

  5. retchdog says:

    hrm; this actually sounds cool. all nyc gets is a live cover of purple rain.

  6. C.J. Casey says:

    This headline makes no sense. In addition to being degrading to the remaining Maya people, who have repeatedly stated that they don’t like having their religion and culture misrepresented and bastardized by the English-speaking world… apparently, 500-plus years of genocide and destruction wasn’t enough but they have to piss on their beliefs as well… ‘Mayan’ is a term for the language. ‘Maya’ means the people and culture. So, apparently, Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer, artists I formerly respected, are doing something on a language’s doomsday? How can a language have a doomsday? It doesn’t make sense. Please tell these two artists to stop being stupid.

    • nehpetsE says:

      E.Stephen (co-founder of Torrent Engine 18) here.
      Dear CJ Casey,
      I agree with you entirely. Scheduling constraints required that this event had to fall on December 21, & it was only after we locked in that date that everyone started pointing out “Yer party is on Mayan Doomsday!”If you’d like to send me your email address, i’ll be glad to forward it to anyone who is guilty of  cultural appropriation based semantic misconceptions concerning this issue.(BTW, to whom it may concern, despite their suspicious family connections, neither Amanda or Neil are crypto-Mayans.)

    • retchdog says:

      it’s clearly a scientologist plot.

    • “MAYA Doomsday”? Preposterous!

      Would one say “France Doomsday”? No, the proper way to say it would be “French Doomsday.” Obviously.

  7. nehpetsE says:

    When i met Amanda when she was 19, and recruited her to be part of an early production of the Empire SNAFU Restoration Project, I KNEW within seconds of meeting her, that for the first time in my life, i had met a girl who was even more joyfully, monstrously loud and horrible than myself. And I have loved her ever since. All my young life prior to that, i’d met various girls who i thought were cool at first but as soon as i took off all my clothes and started rolling around in road kill, they would become uncomfortable ask me to “take it down a notch”. Where as Amanda would be naked and covered in gore before i even got my own shoes off.
    I’m not sure what motivates the Amanda haters. But i am sure they are less stimulating to hang out with.

    • Ben Gencarelle says:

      My motivation for disliking her music is that I have ears and those ears get bored and want to leave my head when they hear her music.   

      Not liking a under talented artist isn’t a reason to be less stimulating than liking said artist.   However, basing one’s opinions about another’s stimulating qualities solely on whether or not they share an appreciation for the same crappy music one listens to is often a sign of being (more than) a bit dull or at least (very) self absorbed.

      • wysinwyg says:

        Is Palmer’s music “crappy”?  Is she “under talented”?  Or is it just not to your taste?  (I’ve listened to the Dresden Dolls like once; I remember enjoying it but I’m no huge fan myself.)

        Based on your comment (rather than your likely terrible taste in music) I have indeed come to a conclusion about how dull and self absorbed you likely are, and how stimulating your company probably would be.

        • retchdog says:

          i love amanda palmer and the dresden dolls, but i have to admit that technicality is not her strong suit. there are several dresden dolls songs which would be much better if she could just consistently sing in key. if someone’s looking for that, they’re not going to like afp/dd, and you can’t generalize from that.

          on the other hand, in my opinion, the dresden dolls could have performed on a casiotone and plastic drum set and i’d probably still have loved them.

          • wysinwyg says:

            Talent is not equivalent to virtuosity.  One need not be a talented instrumentalist or vocalist to be a talented musician/performer or songwriter.  As I said, though, I’ve barely heard any of Palmer’s music and don’t really have anything to say about her talent or lack thereof.  I was reacting to Gencarelle’s attitude.

  8. nehpetsE says:

    (Katrina Galore is, in her own manner, just as loud as Amanda. And that is a wonderful thing too.)

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