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8 Responses to “Street artist KAWS at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade”

  1. Dlo Burns says:

    Wait, you’re saying there was a reason to watch the parade and I missed it?

  2. Now that it’s gone mainstream it’s kinda of meh…;)

  3. robcat2075 says:

    Now that he has the attention he was seeking I presume he will go back and remove those “faded tags” that “can still be seen on the sides of buildings,” which i suspect no one actually asked to have placed on their building.

  4. DisGuest says:

    I like the character created for the parade as well as the associated drawing. I find it relate-able on a popular culture level ( as an art cartoon and almost a nostalgia piece; it seems old). As an introvert, I get the face covering. I’m not “feeling” the rest of his work featured, or his persona, on the Sunday morning show. But I also realize that it means nothing since he is selling work, has fans, and perhaps the show didn’t really represent him accurately. I suppose I should reserve judgement, overall, until I see more.

  5. David_in_Houston says:

    The character is a “little too shy”? I thought it represented death (which I thought was kinda funny for a Macy’s Parade). Generally speaking, when a cartoon character has X’s for eyes that means they died. — Just sayin’ ;-)

  6. nanner says:

    i don’t know the artist but i interpreted it as a protest piece. Wearing Mickey Mouse gloves and shorts but the character lacks the bright colors of the other characters and has X’d out eyes, the death of the season as Black Friday hysteria takes over… and covering it’s eyes to block out all the commercial nonsense of the parade. i thought it was funny the way the commentators obliviously described the “shy” character. I don’t know the other work of this artist and will not look into it since I like my interpretation of the balloon. I was like “you go mystery protest balloon artist!”