In the New York Times, a piece by Susan Dominus on two twins joined at the head ("craniopagus") who are "beyond rare" because of the way their brains fused inside their skulls. "Their neural anatomy is unique, at least in the annals of recorded scientific literature," she writes. "Their brain images reveal what looks like an attenuated line stretching between the two organs, a piece of anatomy their neurosurgeon, Douglas Cochrane of British Columbia Children’s Hospital, has called a thalamic bridge, because he believes it links the thalamus of one girl to the thalamus of her sister."

3 Responses to “Do these conjoined twins share a mind?”

  1. relawson says:

    Well, I guess they just need to watch to see if one scratches the other’s nose.

  2. Funk Daddy says:

    Maybe. I’m just glad those 2 little girls were born where they were and when they were. 

  3. Stjohn says:

    I just finished re-reading Christopher Hinz’s Paratwa series, so this is serendipitously intriguing.

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