Japan's school for mascots

The Telegraph visits Japan's Choko Group mascot school. "When I see a real hand poking out of the costume's hand, or their mask slips, it's very disappointing…," says school founder Choko Oohira. "I want to show the world how to fully become the character and explain that's how to make children happy." (Thanks, Chris Arkenberg!)


  1. What percentage of graduates find a job in the mascot field?

    Having asked that I still have to admit I’m seriously tempted to enroll. I’ve always wanted to be a heavily made-up or costumed movie monster, but being a mascot is the next best thing, and, I assume, would be a more regular job.

  2. I don’t have sound on this computer; I found the most interesting part of this to be the dissonance between the formality of Japanese as a language as seen in the subtitles and how profusely the interviewees were sweating from being in the suits.

  3. I wish we took our jobs as seriously in America as they do in Japan. It seems like no matter what your job in Japan, you take pride in it and care about doing it right.

    For example, the delivery service Sagawa Express lets customers know how speedy they are by telling their employees that they must never be seen walking in public, always running or at least jogging quickly—and they really do it!

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